Katrina Woznicki

Katrina Woznicki

Writer, serial vacationer

Contributor to US News & World Report Travel and to Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel. Writer addicted to sunlight and road trips. Aspiring novelist. Always curious.

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On social media she is known as unfukyourself. In person she is soft-spoken, with classic Southern California good looks—blonde hair, tan skin (though she was born on Long Island). She agreed to meet at her studio south of downtown Los Angeles, a small space in a gray building with not enough windows, in a neighborhood of old warehouses, treeless streets, and abandoned grocery carts.

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Catapult | 15 Minutes with Alexander | Katrina Woznicki

I ate lunch alone and Alexander came to my table, worrying aloud that I was lonely.

“No,” I assured him in English, because all of our conversations were in English. “I’m just taking a brain break.” I realized I was using an expression that meant nothing to him, but he had already zipped off to attend to other tables.

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The Escapism Business

It was an all-expenses-paid trip to a resort in Mexico, a travel writer’s dream assignment. Or not.