Katrina Woznicki

Katrina Woznicki

Writer, serial vacationer

Contributor to US News & World Report Travel and to Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel. Writer addicted to sunlight and road trips. Aspiring novelist. Always curious.

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The Week

I only had one child. It was the best decision I've ever made.

There's something about holding someone else's baby that makes people ask you if and when you're having a child of your own. And if you already have a kid, they want to know when you'll be having another.

Khan alive among italys dead article

Open: Alive Among Italy's Dead

Less than 9km from Mount Vesuvius, near the entrance to Pompeii, a vendor sells bottles resembling penises. The corked bottles are red, white, blue, and yellow and painted with kissy faces or with sad or surprised expressions.

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Top Ways to Save on Your Next New York City Vacation | U.S. News ...

Take a bite of the Big Apple without breaking the bank.

Grimaldis pizzeria nyc article

5 Top Places to Enjoy a Slice of New York City Pizza - Locals' Picks ...

Whether you crave a pie with extra cheese or something more avant-garde, New York's got you covered.

Rooftopbar article

5 Rooftop Bars With the Best Views of New York City - Locals' Picks ...

There's no better way to take in New York City's famous skyline than from above with a cocktail in hand.

Grand canyon national park 9 article

Travel and Adventure | GEICO

America’s National Parks: Celebrating An Incredible First 100 Years

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The Washington Post

The holidays aren’t a big, happy family celebration for everyone. And that’s okay. - The Washington Post

The holidays aren’t a big, happy family celebratio...

Metrolpolitan museum of art new york city museums 600x300 article

5 Can't-Miss Museums in New York City | U.S. News Travel

Some of the world's finest museums housing vast collections of art, history and modern memorabilia can be found in New York City. Whatever your interests, the Big Apple likely has a museum dedicated to it.

Meatpacking district article

Vacation Tips & Advice | U.S. News Travel

Sample the best Manhattan has to offer with a tour of these five neighborhoods.

Centralpark article

5 Must-See Parks in New York City | U.S. News Travel

5 Must-See Parks in New York City | U.S. News Trave...

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On social media she is known as unfukyourself. In person she is soft-spoken, with classic Southern California good looks—blonde hair, tan skin (though she was born on Long Island). She agreed to meet at her studio south of downtown Los Angeles, a small space in a gray building with not enough windows, in a neighborhood of old warehouses, treeless streets, and abandoned grocery carts.

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The Week

How travel treats my anxiety better than antidepressants

How travel treats my anxiety better than antidepres...

Tallulah pomeroy  illustration for katrina woznicki   fifteen minutes with alexander  1465496291 article

Catapult | 15 Minutes with Alexander | Katrina Woznicki

I ate lunch alone and Alexander came to my table, worrying aloud that I was lonely.

“No,” I assured him in English, because all of our conversations were in English. “I’m just taking a brain break.” I realized I was using an expression that meant nothing to him, but he had already zipped off to attend to other tables.


100 Best Places to Live in the USA | U.S. News & World Report

100 Best Places to Live in the USA | U.S. News & Wo...

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Where to Sleep Under the Stars in NYC

Brooklyn is known for hipsters, a thriving arts scene, 19th-century brownstones, and overpriced artisanal pickle shops—not camping.